About Us

IMS Agile studio, is a company dedicated to fun and diversatie, making games, that are standing out from the regular game formats that are currently being build in the gaming industrie.

Part Indie, part company, all parts get together, make us as a studio interesting and fun to work hard, and even more important, Play Hard!

Currently we are featuring : Bunny Boy

The idea came a few years ago, when our 2 very smart kids arrive on the scene, who contantly ask us questions every day, and who use all kinds of digital media and of course, play a lot of games on the laptop, notebook, I-Pad, I-Phone you name it, they will try it.

All kids love to play and they do not really mind with what! They just like to vary a lot and with that our idea got sparked to build them a varied game. It is not that there is/was not allready an abundance of them out there, it is just that we want to make a game, that offers more than blocks falling or require fingerfastness for lack of a better word! We wanted to make a game, that makes you think on a variety of levels and lets you see stuff about the wonderfull world we live in, play with the idea of quests, solving obstacles and fixing puzzles and perhaps even learn a thing or 2, but above all, Just plain good old fun!

Already having written a few plays, Ilona started to write. Mario already having built a lot of digital stuff and speaking about 129 digital languages, but always wanting to build a game! Having 2 kids with an abundance of fantasy and favorite stories and stories of their own, is how the story of Bunny Boy came to be.

Let's Quest!

Ilona Engelsma

Founder, CEO & Go-To Gal

Mario Vermeulen

Lead Designer

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