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About Bunnyboy's Game

Let us introduce you to Bunny Boy!

He is the most wonderfunny bunny and he has some ambition! That means he wants not just tob e a wonderfunny bunny, he wants more! Not only is he lovely and fluffy, he has got a very curious disposition, he wants to know more.

Unlike other bunny’s that just sniff and hop around the globe and hide in holes in the ground, this one is not scared, he is super duper nosy. This makes him very curious indeed, he is so curious, that it is very interesting to see what he is nosy about.

More than what is it to be nosy about you ask?

Well, he wants to know more than the average fluffy bunny, he wants to become The Easter Bunny! Bringing joy and life to the world, and YES if the opportunity is there, find some easter eggs.

There is only one minor issue with this, he does not know how. So to gain knowledge on how to become the Easter Bunny, he starts to walk the globe. (Yes, walk, he is still a rather curious bunny, he does not hop).

So logically, he starts his quest of becoming easter Bunny on Antarctica, the one side of the globe. Read More ›